50x70 collage crepe

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50x70 collage in different colored crepe paper on a cream background.

fits a 50x70 frame (sold without frame)

all collages are unique and handmade and each one has a unique number on the back.

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Welcome to Little Detroit, where I explore the limits of creativity through our unique handmade works. With a deep immersion, I create works of art that catch the eye and immerse the mind.

My collages are more than just compositions of images and materials; they are stories told through layers of crepe paper in delicious shades of colour. Every cut and joint is done with care and attention to detail, resulting in abstract works that challenge and enchant.

My artworks invite you to dive into a sea of ​​colors and shapes where you can discover new layers and meanings with each consideration.

Visit Little Detroit and experience our world of abstract works, where craftsmanship, art and imagination come together to create something truly unique.