Are you in doubt about which papercut to choose for your home? So take a look here and get inspired.

"Home is where love lives and where memories are made," I think one's home is a reflection of who you are and at the same time home has become a kind of calling card and inspiration for the outside world of today's Denmark. Homes with personality, coziness and warmth I love to visit, not only art but quirky gizmos, fun chairs or the smell of hot tea and a few freshly baked cookies, but it's always nice to have some nice art to look at when you enter the room .

Unikke papercuts Little Detroit - billedvæg

Create something personal with Little Detroit's unique papercuts. A picture wall works particularly well when interesting elements are mixed, rather than displaying all works of art in "glass and frame".

Unikke papercuts Little Detroit - blå papercut

Having said that, art also requires air, therefore choose some larger works for your home that can stand on their own and bring the room together. If that sounds interesting, write to me to see my masterpieces.

Hvor hænger din unikke kunst

Do you lack inspiration for your interior design or advice on which papercut to order? - then I am happy to be available, write a message attach a picture and together we will find the piece of unique art that suits you and your home.

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Little Detroit unik kunst til dit hjem
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