A3 'The mother of life vol. 02'

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A3 papercut with 'the mother of life' 🤍

Cream on a dusty brown background.

all papercuts are unique and have a unique number on the back.

ATTENTION! Frame not included! (A3)

shipped in a square cardboard box.

Welcome to Little Detroit, where art and creativity meet in my unique hand-cut papercuts. The works are not just decorative elements; they are a tribute to the artistic soul and individual creative urge.
My hand cut papercuts are created with care and precision, each one is a unique work of art. Inspired by the beauty of nature, cultural symbols and personal stories, each cut tells its own story. The organic shapes and graphic patterns are brought to life through my hands.
My works are delivered unframed, allowing you to customize your decor in your own unique way. Whether as a gift for yourself or a loved one, my papercuts will add a special and personal touch to any room.
Explore my collection and immerse yourself in the world of Little Detroit, where each cut is an expression of my passion for art and my desire to share it with you.