'Ebony & Ivory' no. 02 necklace

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'Ebony & Ivory' necklace made of glass beads with clasps + extension in Sterling silver.
The necklace is made on elastic cord so it is more flexible to wear.

measurements: 40 - 44 cm

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Dive into a harmonious masterpiece of craftsmanship and feeling with the 'Ebony & Ivory' necklace from studio Nærkær. Every link of this piece of jewelry is imbued with love and presence, created by a passion to create something unique.

'Ebony & Ivory' necklace explores the contrast between light and dark using locally handcrafted glass beads. Each pearl is like a brushstroke, carefully selected and composed to form a visually and emotionally beautiful piece of jewelry.

The clasps that unite this elegant necklace are crafted from sterling silver, adding a timeless luster and durability to this work of art. 'Ebony & Ivory' is more than just a piece of jewellery; it is a tale of contrasts, balance and love.

When you wear 'Ebony & Ivory', you are not just wearing an accessory – you are wearing an expression of art and craftsmanship. Let this piece of jewelry be a reminder of the beauty of diversity and of the presence that goes into creating something extraordinary from our studio Nærkær.