'Evergreen' necklace

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'Evergreen' necklace made with small glass beads and sterling silver clasp + extender and the small beads in the middle of the flowers.
the necklace is made of elastic cord which makes it flexible to wear.

measurements: 40 - 44 cm

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Take a deep breath of freshness with the 'Evergreen' necklace from studio Nærkær. This piece of jewelry is created with heart-warming love and presence, every little detail carefully crafted by local artists.

The green flowers that adorn this necklace symbolize more than just visual beauty. 'Evergreen' not only refers to the color but also carries the meaning of continuous life and constant growth. Each flower represents an opportunity to blossom and develop.

The small glass beads, carefully selected and hand-shaped, bring a sense of lightness and nature into each and every bracelet. In the middle of the flower you will find a pearl in sterling silver, which adds an extra dimension of elegance and lasting beauty.

When you wear the 'Evergreen' bracelet, you don't just wear an item of jewellery; you carry a reminder that, as the evergreen symbolizes, you always have the potential for growth, development and enduring beauty. Let this bracelet be a bearing symbol of local creativity and love from studio Nærkær.