'My sweet cherry' necklace

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'My Sweet Cherry' necklace with glass beads and Sterling silver clasp + extender.
The necklace is made on elastic cord so it is more flexible to wear.

measurements: 40 - 44cm

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Dive into a world of delicate craftsmanship and loving design with the 'My Sweet Cherry' necklace from studio Nærkær. Each one of these pieces of jewelry is created with dedication and presence, and the result is a unique necklace that carries a touch of personal magic.

The necklace is carefully handcrafted by experienced artists using only the finest glass beads. Each pearl is carefully selected to create a harmonious combination of colors and shapes that bring to mind juicy cherries on a sunny summer day.

The specialness of the 'My Sweet Cherry' necklace extends beyond its visual appeal. The clasps that bind this piece of art together are made of sterling silver, adding a timeless elegance and durability to the piece.

When you wear the 'My Sweet Cherry' necklace, you're not just wearing a piece of jewelery art; you also carry a story of carefully selected materials, presence during the creation process and love embedded in each and every step.

So step into the world of studio Nærkær and experience the beauty of local artisanal devotion with this one-of-a-kind 'My Sweet Cherry' necklace. A symbol of elegance and personal style, created with heart and soul.