'Ebony & Ivory - Stripes' bracelet

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'Ebony & Ivory - Stripes' bracelet in black/cream glass beads in good quality. The clasp + extender is Sterling silver.

measurements: 15.5 - 19 cm

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Transform the elegance of your wrist with the 'Ebony & Ivory' - Stripes bracelet from studio Nærkær. Each of these pieces of jewelry is created with an abundance of love and presence, and it carries a deep symbolism built into the black and cream pearls.

'Ebony & Ivory' not only refers to the colors of this bracelet, but is also a reminder of harmony and unity. Black and cream symbolize contrast and cohesion, creating a visual expression of balance and beauty.

Each tiny pearl, carefully selected and hand-shaped, brings a sense of finesse and quality to the bracelet. The genuine sterling silver clasps add a timeless shine and durability to this work of art.

The 'Ebony & Ivory - Stripes' bracelet is not only a stand-alone piece of jewellery, but can also be combined beautifully with our other bracelets. Let it be part of your personal narrative and a reminder of unity in diversity. Wear it with pride, and let the love and presence from studio Nærkær shine through every layer of pearls.