'Forget it' bracelet

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'Forget me' bracelet with clasp and extension in Sterling silver. The center of the flowers and the pearls between the white ones are also Sterling silver.

The bracelet is made on an elastic cord which makes it more flexible to wear.

measures 15.5 - 19 cm

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Dive into a world of tenderness and blue beauty with the 'Forglemmigej' bracelet from studio Nærkær. Each bracelet is a manifestation of love and presence, created with a devotion to craftsmanship.

The blue flowers that adorn this bracelet represent not only a visual beauty, but also the deeper meaning of the Forget-me-not flower. Forget-me-nots symbolize remembrance, faithfulness and love, giving this piece an extra layer of meaning.

Each handmade glass bead represents a unique flower, and in the middle of them is a pearl that is the heart of the Forget-me-not. The clasps, made of sterling silver, give the bracelet a timeless quality and durability.

When you wear the 'Forglemmigej' bracelet, you are not only wearing a piece of jewellery, but also a story of memory, faithfulness and love. Let this bracelet be a symbol of the local craftsmanship that brings the beauty of flowers closer to your heart.