'Autumn anemone' necklace

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'Autumn anemone' necklace made of small glass beads and clasp + extension in Sterling silver. The pearl in the center of the flower as well.
the necklace is made on elastic cord so it is more flexible to wear.

measurements: 40 - 44cm

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Dive into a gentle symphony of colors and craftsmanship with the 'Høstanemone' necklace from studio Nærkær. Each step of the creation process is characterized by love and presence, and the result is a necklace that carries a deep symbolism and unique beauty.

The pink flowers that adorn the 'Høstanemone' necklace represent not only visual splendor but also a special meaning. The autumn anemone symbolizes hope and anticipation, and each flower is an invitation to embrace change and the beauty of transitions.

The small glass beads, carefully selected and create a unique lightness and elegance. In the center of each flower you will find a pearl in sterling silver that not only adds timeless shine, but also represents the heart and warmth of studio Nærkær's creativity.

When you wear the 'Høstanemone' necklace, you don't just wear a piece of jewellery; you carry a story of hope, expectation and presence. Let this necklace be a symbol of local craftsmanship and love, created with care by studio Nærkær.